Ultra cut composite boards installed at eglinton WA

Eglinton walkway

Yokine decking – grey nex gen boards

Yokine framework – composite nex gen deck

The Beauty about Composite Decking

Composite decking or composite flooring is a type of outdoor flooring that is decorative and the material used for this is of such a composition that is resistant to natural weather conditions as a result of which its natural look doesn’t wither away with time.


Composite decking is great for outdoor flexibility and offers freedom to decorate in contemporary, classic or traditional look of rich hardwoods. Material The material for composite decking is made from plastic and wood fibre to make natural wood like pieces of higher lifespan than natural wood. It also requires minimal maintenance. It is made up of different types of polymers – polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene-plus wood flour, polyethylene (high-density or low-density) also additives to stabilize the form of plastic and protect the plank from the suffering of UV rays. The fibre of wood is grounded to a consistency of fine flour, giving it an even look.

Why Composite Decking? The prime reason of using it is due to its minimal maintenance. It neither absorbs moisture nor gives off. That’s why no swelling or shrinkage occurs like natural wood. So, it does not warp, crack or separate under the harsh weather conditions.

Composite Deck repels insects without the usage of water repellents or staining. It can hold up to the harsh weather cycles for decades. Modern Builders prefer Composite decking as it comes in beautiful cuts and gives the fall of real wood.

Types of Composite Decking

Two types of Composite Decking are available in the market.

They are as follows: Solid: It gives a wood like look which is heavier than the hollow type. As it is of greater mass, solid types contract more and also expand with temperature changes. Solid composition is more popular in the market as it resembles natural wood more closely. Hollow: It is hollow on the inside having a tubular structure and does not contract and expand as much with temperature variations. Benefits There are various benefits of composite decking.

They are as follows: It is durable. Fade resistant. Water Resistant. Smart look. Low on maintenance. Eco – friendly. Stain resistant. Scratch resistant. Termite resistant. Sustainable. Made of recycled materials. Can be used for- Courtyards. Around the pools. At the entrance. Open –air areas. Outdoor kitchens.

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Maintenance Composite decking is to be washed off with little soap in water and the deck looks as new for again. Whichever is the type of composite decking, it is vital that the item is treated with antifungal chemicals and preservatives. If left untreated with exposure to natural weather cycles, it might rot over a period of time. It might also get rotten due to excessive moisture conditions in the weather. Although the composition is combined with plastic, it still rots; this is commented by the Journal of Forest Products. The rotting effect depends largely on the proportion of wood in the material ranging from 40 % to 70%. At the time of manufacturing of the composite, preservatives are mixed with wood. Preservatives such as borate and zinc can help preserve the look for about 20 years and retain a fresh and appealing look.


Constructing or decorating a deck i.e. the flat, roofless area adjoining your house is a very important part of building a beautiful home and thus, requires proper research and guidance. Earlier, decking was usually done out of wood but due to recent changing times, many different varieties of decking have cropped up in the market and out of all those, the most efficient and profitable decking is composite decking.
Composite decking uses a mixture of different materials like wood, plantation timber or recycled plastic to give deck the appearance as that of wood but with no maintenance required. The wood used in the combination consists of byproducts such as sawdust, chips and wood fiber. The mixture is heated and compressed to give board-shaped lengths and then, cooled. The resulting board is stronger and heavier than actual wood and since it does not require any painting, staining, sealing or oiling, it is also known as ‘no maintenance decking’. Composite decking does not rot, fade or warp and is not prone to splintering and gives the deck a smooth and attractive look. Highly durable, cost-effective and long lasting, composite decking is definitely the most sought after amongst all other decking options. It can withstand years of extreme sun, rainfall or even snow storms and requires simple cleaning with soap and water occasionally. Since it is made of recycled products or byproducts, it is a very environment friendly method.
Composite Decking Perth
Composite decking in Perth is highly recommended because of the extreme weather conditions here. The extreme sun prevalent in Perth causes many decking systems to warp and fade and that requires frequent oiling but with composite decking, there is no need for oiling as it contains ultraviolet stabilizers and antioxidant additives that prevent it from fading. Also, it has a Super Durable High Density Polyester powder coat that helps in retaining the color and maintains the appearance and shine of the deck for years to come.
In Perth Composite Decking material is made of high density polyethylene mixture or full aluminum construction which makes them resistant to ants and termites. Moreover, the plastic covers the wood fibers and protects it from water and thus, prevents it from decaying. The decking boards also, have a brushed surface making them slip resistant and suitable around wet areas like swimming pools, spas etc.
The two major types of composite decking Perth offers are-
Millboard: It is formed against a timber mold and is available in an array of designs to give the look of real timber.
PVC: Though made of plastic, it strongly resembles wood but the plastic shining surface makes it look unreal.
Composite decking is available in a variety of colors to help you choose the one that closely resembles your favorite timber. Installation is easy and leaves no knots or defects that are generally found with real wood decking.
If you wish to build an attractive and extremely durable decking in Perth without digging a hole in your pocket, install this no maintenance decking to enjoy lifelong benefits.




Nex Gen Composite Decking – Gwelup Perth



This client recently had their decking done however the wood started to twist and nails started to protrude to the point where they did not allow their dogs to walk on it. We decided to go with the Nex Gen Decking Boards and the colour Rosewood which matched the look of the house.

We started with ripping up the existing decking but to only find out that the bearers were not spaced out correctly per the Australian Standard. So before installing the Nex gen boards we had to put 2 rows of bearers in place with cement. Once that was done we proceeded to install the Boards working our way from the garden area towards the house.

Now with the finish product our client is more than impressed with the work and their dogs love it as well. The hidden fixing system means no nails protrusion or screws. Another happy customer !! 


Gwelup composite decking

Completed project using nex gen decking – Gwelup Perth – Composite decking Perth