Nex Gen Composite Decking – Gwelup Perth



This client recently had their decking done however the wood started to twist and nails started to protrude to the point where they did not allow their dogs to walk on it. We decided to go with the Nex Gen Decking Boards and the colour Rosewood which matched the look of the house.

We started with ripping up the existing decking but to only find out that the bearers were not spaced out correctly per the Australian Standard. So before installing the Nex gen boards we had to put 2 rows of bearers in place with cement. Once that was done we proceeded to install the Boards working our way from the garden area towards the house.

Now with the finish product our client is more than impressed with the work and their dogs love it as well. The hidden fixing system means no nails protrusion or screws. Another happy customer !! 


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