Constructing or decorating a deck i.e. the flat, roofless area adjoining your house is a very important part of building a beautiful home and thus, requires proper research and guidance. Earlier, decking was usually done out of wood but due to recent changing times, many different varieties of decking have cropped up in the market and out of all those, the most efficient and profitable decking is composite decking.
Composite decking uses a mixture of different materials like wood, plantation timber or recycled plastic to give deck the appearance as that of wood but with no maintenance required. The wood used in the combination consists of byproducts such as sawdust, chips and wood fiber. The mixture is heated and compressed to give board-shaped lengths and then, cooled. The resulting board is stronger and heavier than actual wood and since it does not require any painting, staining, sealing or oiling, it is also known as ‘no maintenance decking’. Composite decking does not rot, fade or warp and is not prone to splintering and gives the deck a smooth and attractive look. Highly durable, cost-effective and long lasting, composite decking is definitely the most sought after amongst all other decking options. It can withstand years of extreme sun, rainfall or even snow storms and requires simple cleaning with soap and water occasionally. Since it is made of recycled products or byproducts, it is a very environment friendly method.
Composite Decking Perth
Composite decking in Perth is highly recommended because of the extreme weather conditions here. The extreme sun prevalent in Perth causes many decking systems to warp and fade and that requires frequent oiling but with composite decking, there is no need for oiling as it contains ultraviolet stabilizers and antioxidant additives that prevent it from fading. Also, it has a Super Durable High Density Polyester powder coat that helps in retaining the color and maintains the appearance and shine of the deck for years to come.
In Perth Composite Decking material is made of high density polyethylene mixture or full aluminum construction which makes them resistant to ants and termites. Moreover, the plastic covers the wood fibers and protects it from water and thus, prevents it from decaying. The decking boards also, have a brushed surface making them slip resistant and suitable around wet areas like swimming pools, spas etc.
The two major types of composite decking Perth offers are-
Millboard: It is formed against a timber mold and is available in an array of designs to give the look of real timber.
PVC: Though made of plastic, it strongly resembles wood but the plastic shining surface makes it look unreal.
Composite decking is available in a variety of colors to help you choose the one that closely resembles your favorite timber. Installation is easy and leaves no knots or defects that are generally found with real wood decking.
If you wish to build an attractive and extremely durable decking in Perth without digging a hole in your pocket, install this no maintenance decking to enjoy lifelong benefits.




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