The Beauty about Composite Decking

Composite decking or composite flooring is a type of outdoor flooring that is decorative and the material used for this is of such a composition that is resistant to natural weather conditions as a result of which its natural look doesn’t wither away with time.


Composite decking is great for outdoor flexibility and offers freedom to decorate in contemporary, classic or traditional look of rich hardwoods. Material The material for composite decking is made from plastic and wood fibre to make natural wood like pieces of higher lifespan than natural wood. It also requires minimal maintenance. It is made up of different types of polymers – polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene-plus wood flour, polyethylene (high-density or low-density) also additives to stabilize the form of plastic and protect the plank from the suffering of UV rays. The fibre of wood is grounded to a consistency of fine flour, giving it an even look.

Why Composite Decking? The prime reason of using it is due to its minimal maintenance. It neither absorbs moisture nor gives off. That’s why no swelling or shrinkage occurs like natural wood. So, it does not warp, crack or separate under the harsh weather conditions.

Composite Deck repels insects without the usage of water repellents or staining. It can hold up to the harsh weather cycles for decades. Modern Builders prefer Composite decking as it comes in beautiful cuts and gives the fall of real wood.

Types of Composite Decking

Two types of Composite Decking are available in the market.

They are as follows: Solid: It gives a wood like look which is heavier than the hollow type. As it is of greater mass, solid types contract more and also expand with temperature changes. Solid composition is more popular in the market as it resembles natural wood more closely. Hollow: It is hollow on the inside having a tubular structure and does not contract and expand as much with temperature variations. Benefits There are various benefits of composite decking.

They are as follows: It is durable. Fade resistant. Water Resistant. Smart look. Low on maintenance. Eco – friendly. Stain resistant. Scratch resistant. Termite resistant. Sustainable. Made of recycled materials. Can be used for- Courtyards. Around the pools. At the entrance. Open –air areas. Outdoor kitchens.

photo 19

photo 19


Maintenance Composite decking is to be washed off with little soap in water and the deck looks as new for again. Whichever is the type of composite decking, it is vital that the item is treated with antifungal chemicals and preservatives. If left untreated with exposure to natural weather cycles, it might rot over a period of time. It might also get rotten due to excessive moisture conditions in the weather. Although the composition is combined with plastic, it still rots; this is commented by the Journal of Forest Products. The rotting effect depends largely on the proportion of wood in the material ranging from 40 % to 70%. At the time of manufacturing of the composite, preservatives are mixed with wood. Preservatives such as borate and zinc can help preserve the look for about 20 years and retain a fresh and appealing look.

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