What is plastic decking ? Is plastic decking any good ?

I hear clients refer to composite decking as plastic decking which gives a different connotation to what a composite deck really is.
yes you can get plastic decking which really does look like plastic and the price for this is cheaper than composite deck as what you see is the look and feel of a plastic deck.

Composite means “consisting of separate parts”.

Generally a composite deck has a mixture of recycle material and some sort of plastic component however the look of it is not at all plastic.

For example Trex boads is 95% recycled plastic shopping bags however when you see one installed you do not get the idea at all that there is any plastic component, that is why it is called composite decking.

Nex Gen has 65% recycled wood mixtures and 35% plastic bits.

The good thing about a very good composite decking is that you have no maintenance; no splinters, warps, fade nothing. You may need to wash it with a bit of soap and water but that is it. The very best boards come with some sort of warranty as well.

With the heat of the Australian sun you would sure invest a bit more in a deck that will last longer than normal wood.




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