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Nex gen IPE colour – Tapping, Perth



Composite Decking is Better than Wood


Then there is a question: if this type of a roof is better, than wood — why manufacturers try to imitate a type of wood? It also looks quite convincingly. Large hunks of plastic with wooden grain and various dyes are used to imitate a type of wood. Undoubtedly, it will gradually disappear, but when it is established originally, it looks in the same way, as wood. Composite decking represents deck of low operational costs favorable for a family which takes out all year. With such furnish you receive a smooth surface which isn’t inclined to splitting; doing it doesn’t represent danger to children’s bare feet. The hidden system of a paper clip gives composite deck additional level of appeal.

Composite decking material

Pros of Composite Decking

  • There are many composite decking brands out there to choose from, Trex, Nex Gen, Rightwood, Suntec and much more. They have various colours and prices to suite any budget.
  • The majority of connections are made from wooden by-products (sawdust, щепа, etc.) and the processed plastic. Association of synthetic and organic materials grasped best of the worlds, creating a long product. Benefit number of one difficult product — durability.
  • Connection relieves of need to paint, draw or treat your deck.
  • Create multi-colored external living space, uniting various difficult colors on one deck. The combination of dark and light tones gains the increasing popularity. Create the design!
  • Composite decking especially good for parents or the grandmother and the grandfather, also allows even to small children to play without fear before wounds because of chips or keen edges. The material heats up on the sun and provides a pleasant soft surface for bare feet.

Cons of Composite Decking

  • The price — the most recognized inconvenience of composite products.
  • Wood decks and composite decks make similar impact on environment. Considered wood resists to rotting and disintegration almost just as connection though emergence of this product worsens quickly. Some connections use bigger quantity of the processed materials, but it is dependent on a product and not an industrial standard.
  • Difficult furnish is constantly painted to avoid or reduce service. But it also means color, the shade or a shade can’t be changed.
  • More dark colors can lead to disappearance, irreparable emergence which occurs in projects where complete influence unites with high movement. Other potential damage, including heavy scratches and deeply hollows out, difficult to restore, without replacing separate boards of the deck.

Composite decking represents much pros and cons to house owners, covering everything from service to the budget, emergence and availability. Consider each manufacturer individually before deciding on a choice of this material. But it’s for sure decks provide space to enjoy warmth and a relaxation of spring, summer and autumn.

Harrisdale Nex Gen Decking job

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A little rant about the work site – Perth

I was working today at Yokine, Perth at a lovely little street building a deck in the Nex gen Decking brand. The house was brand new and the clients very nice. The days I work it rained and it was sunny, a bitter day to be working outdoors really however I soldiered on.

I am pretty big on security and locking my ute and keeping my valuables taken care of however on this day I got pretty slack as I assumed that nothing would happen as I was working at the front of the house. However it started raining and decided to work at the back of the house under the Alfresco. At this point I did not pay attention to the fact that my bag with my iPad and quote book was in the Ute and I had left my window slightly down. 

I did not think anything of it at all however I did bring my tools closer to where I was working but totally forgot about my bag. While working at the back Alfresco I receive a call from a guy that knew my name. My first reaction was it was from an ad which has my name. But this guy mentioned my ID card that he had and a bag. I got confused ? What was this guy going on about. I started walking to the ute and lo and behold my bag was gone. Shocked I was….. the passenger door was locked however the driver’s side had the window down and the door unlocked. Now I am not aware of leaving the door unlocked however knew I left the window down to let some air in. 

I have never been devastated that something like this would occur to me! I scrambled around calling banks and disabling credit cards. 

The guy who had my ID told me where he lived so that I could pick up what was he had found. Oh I forgot to mention how this guy found my driver’s license. He was on his way home and saw the bag on the side of the road and his first reaction was that it must have fallen off the ute however after discussing with him realised it was pinched. He also found a ladies handbag and a plumbers wallet. It looks like these thieves went out on the town. 

So after 2 hours later the only damage that  was made was a stolen iPad and $150 taken off the debit card which will be reimbursed to me by the fraud dept. However what it has made be be wary of is no matter how nice the street looks security is very important no matter how much you think it may not happen. These guys prey on tradies who leave their ute open and tools laying around especially if you are working on your own. 

It was my fault and I do not blame anyone but me to put myself in that situation. At the end of the day I can get a new iPad and continue working. It is just a bummer it happened on an already gloomy day.

Yokine job so far in Nex Gen