Decking around the pool

Completed Nex Gen install.

Completed Nex Gen install.

Trex Decking – a recycling composite decking brand

When challenged to do just one thing to help out the environment, Coca Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England sought to show that local community that they weren’t going to pick just one.

Ray Dube, the sustainability manager for the franchise, has traveled all over New England for the last three years, speaking at schools and conferences about their local approach of making sure that their trash or waste becomes someone else’s treasure. The presentation is designed not only to inform the public about what the company is doing with their waste products, but to also inspire other businesses like theirs to adopt similar sustainability practices.

“When I talk about this in front of people, people are shocked,” Ray Dube, the sustainability manager for the New England franchise, said. “This blows their mind. Most people have no clue that this was done locally here.”

The company saves the plastic and paper products left over at the end of the day, donating it to manufacturing companies in the area, such as Foss Manufacturing in Hampton, NH and Polartec LLC in Hudson, NH. These companies will then harness the polyethylene terephthalate (more commonly referred to as PET) from the bottles and other plastic materials to make synthetic fibers that can be turned into fabrics, like the ones used to make the products for the North Face company.

“If we were landfilling all these materials, that’s an expense line.” said Ray Dube, the franchise’s sustainability manager. “What we have left at the end of the day has high value for someone to start their day with.”

Though the company has been asked by international companies for these recyclable waste products, they are “adamant about keeping it local”, according to Dube. He said that the farthest their waste goes is Pennsylvania, where their shrink wrap is sent to make Trex Decking, an increasingly popular  composite decking material.

Trex Newsletter October 2014

I thought I would share this month’s Trex newsletter in case you had missed the television interview that was done recently with Dubai One TV discussing the projects being undertaken there as well as green business in general and the role Trex is playing in this market segment.

Also, we have decided that we will not be stocking the new colour ‘Havana Brown’ here in Western Australia. We will continue to carry the other four colours in the Transcend Tropics range.

If you have any questions relating to these points or anything else Trex related please feel free to contact me on any of the information below in my email signature.

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The latest from Trex Issue 1


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Helpful Tips and News to keep you up-to-date this October. In this issue:

* Keep in touch with Trex world wide development, this month in Dubai
* Have a preview of Trex new Transcend color “Havana Gold”
* Register to visit for Trex at Bau 2015

Trex Transcend® Tropics: Havana Gold

We are pleased to announce an addition to our highly successful Transcend decking category. Joining our fast growing Tropics lineup will be Havana Gold – a warm, golden color that rounds out our multihued portfolio. This new product will mirror our current Tropics offering in grain pattern, lengths, and warranty. It will be produced in square and grooved edge along with an accompanying line of Fascia.


Trex will be again at BAU EXPO in 2015

With more than 200,000 visitors expected. Trex will again showcase its market leading product range to the public from the 19-24 of January. For more information please contact us.

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Monday, September 29, 2014-Dubai
Trex-Bryan Fairbanks Interview with Dubai OneTV-Emirates News
Bryan Fairbanks Speaks to Dubai One TV – Emirates News on Green and Eco Business

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5 star Decking gives service like no other

5 Star Decking Gives Service Like No Other

Today, there are a lot of problems that people encounter with their deck, but they cannot look for professional carpenters who can help them make their deck functional and safe from any harm and because of this, 5 Star Decking has come into existence.

The company, which is located in Perth Australia, aspires to give people quality services by providing them with the most efficient materials and sound advice on how they can maintain the quality of their deck at home or even in their building.

Since the carpentry industry lacks carpenters who can provide people with high quality customer services, 5 Star Decking has come to fill the gap in the vacuum. The company does not only guarantee satisfactory decking services, but they also make sure to address every need of their clients.

The company’s mission is to serve people and give them 100% satisfaction. They work really hard to offer their services like no other. Their services remain unmatched by other companies out there. They do not only work to give their customers Timber Decking, but they also pursue excellence by giving the services that people need when it comes to Composite Decking.

They have keen, hard working and professional employees who work with pure passion and dedication to giving their clients the services that they are looking for. They see to it that the decking services they provide are nothing, but the best.

Moreover, they also work to give each of their clients the information that they have to know in making decisions for the betterment of their deck. The company offers pictures on their site and sample materials that they use for their customers to be aware of what they are going to expect by the time 5 Star Decking’s carpenters start to install their deck.

One can never go wrong with 5 Star Decking company. From the time it was built until this present day, this company continues to pour out its ideas and excellence to establish its own name in the carpentry industry. In fact, there are a lot of people who have appreciated their efforts. Many of them are very impressed with the company’s finished product and they have regarded it with a “can do” attitude.

Updated Trex Transcend Colour: Island Mist

We have an updated colour in the Transcend range which will be available for sale in the coming weeks. The colour is called ‘Island Mist’ and it is a direct replacement for the colour ‘Gravel Path’ which will no longer be stocked. It has a very similar tone of grey but has now has the streaks through it rather than being a flat colour to bring it into sync with the other colour options in the Transcend range.

Here is a photo to this email for you to see and I will have samples available shortly which I can provide to you.

We have three existing packs of Gravel Path left in 4.88m grooved edge boards and one pack of 3.66m fascia.