Timber decking versus Composite Decking

Timber Decking v’s Composite Decking 

Hi, this is Dobsen from 5 Star Decking.

Just want to do a little short video on composite decking versus timber decking. I get a lot of, do a lot of quotes on both products and they both have their pros and cons.

Composite decking is a no maintenance system, meaning you don’t have to oil it, you don’t have to stain it. The only thing that you require to do is to wash it with a hose and maybe use some soapy water when you get some stains on it. The con on that is that with composite, the really good brands cost about 25 to 30% more than your Merbau decking or your jarrah. Other than that you won’t have to touch it and you usually get a warranty with the very good composite decking brands out there. The other con is that it’s very hot when you walk on it without any shoes, but other than that it is the same as pavers, they are very hot as well.

So if you can get around that as your con and the pricing issue, then composite is a great product, especially for a modern home. Now I have also done a lot in timber and in Merbau and jarrah which are your most popular decking products in your wide board and narrow. Now Merbau, you can stain it in any colour you like. You can use products like Intergrain and Sikkens, and it’s really got that natural look.

Now if you have it underneath an alfresco you might not need to stain it for 6 months, however if it is in constant sun light then expect to stain it or oil it every 1 to 2 months depending on how hot the sun is. I had one client in Mount Claremont who wanted a spotted gum deck and whilst we were on the job he asked me to quote to oil the walkway and he also mentioned to me is their something wrong with the spotted gum? “Is it not a good quality one?” I said there is nothing wrong with the spotted gum, it is that the heat here in Perth is just gruesome. It’s just that and the sun, constantly, 24/7 and if you’re not oiling it once every one to two months then you’re going to have issues with it.

So he knows that so he bought a 10L Intergrain oil, natural coat, and is now staining or oiling his deck around his house. It was a $20,000 project so its a lot of oiling that he has to do. If you do that then timber is a great product, it’s affordable, its 30% less than composite and like anything with products, if you take care of it and maintain it it will last you forever. You forget about it then you have issues.

You then have to sand it back, take everything off sand it back, take all your furniture off and then oil it and then start again. So really there is no, I’m not all about composite and I’m not all about timber. It’s all about what the look of your house is. If it’s an old house composite may look out of place and it might be something to go for a jarrah look or a Merbau. Again, as long as you maintain it. If you’ve got a new house and it’s just sand composite may be the way to go. just with everyones busy lifestyle you don’t want to spend your time oiling a deck, you want to be able to enjoy it and bring your friends over and not worry that if a stain gets on it and you now have to wash it off straight away you know and then oil it straight away you know with some product.

Now you can have a look at our website, www.compositedeckingperth.com which is one of our websites with shows you all the different brands. Again its up to… a lot of people say “Dobsen what is the best composite decking brand out there?” I said there isn’t one, it all depends on what colour you like. They all have a 10 to 20 year warranty, they all do well, you know, really, it’s what colour and you choose your colour and then work it from there. And that’s really it. So hopefully thats given you a but more information of the difference between the pros and cons of composite decking Perth and going with your Merbau or jarrah. I hope that’s helped you, you know, give you some information so that you can make an informed decision on putting your deck down. You can check out more on our website at www.5stardecking.comdecking.com. Have a nice day.


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