Trex Transcend Decking – The Best in Composite Decking

Not that it was a bad perth Summer, but the best is yet to come and if a new deck is part of your outdoor living dreams, the Trex Company, manufacturer of high performance wood-alternative decking, offers these tips on building an ideal outdoor space.

Dream of deck design: Visit blogs and social sites to help you design the outdoor space. Pinterest is full of beautiful spaces and themes to help get your wheels turning. Visit Houzz for more professional ideas about style and advice about designing your space. Additionally, the Trex blog posts tips and photos for inspiration.

Maximize your space: Think about your deck in terms of different activities and dedicate separate areas for relaxing, grilling, dining and socializing.

Consider creating a simple seating nook or an elegant outdoor bar. Structures such as trellises, or even tall potted plants, can help establish settings for cosy conversations between guests, while a pergola may offer much-needed relief from the summer sun.

Go green: Opt for eco-friendly outdoor living products made of recycled materials. For example, Trex composite decking is manufactured of reclaimed wood scrap, as well as recycled plastic from grocery bags and common household packaging such as sandwich bags and newspaper sleeves.

The result is the beauty of tropical hardwoods, without the environmental stresses associated with importing these endangered materials.

Don’t forget underneath: The key to a durable, high-performance deck is what lies beneath the surface: The substructure. Steel deck framing allows you to maximize the life and value of your deck, as it provides durability, longevity and beauty. Unlike wood, steel won’t warp, twist, split or decay.

Decide on decking: Take the time to look and test different materials. Get a few samples to try and consider wood-alternative decking such as Trex high-performance composite, available in a variety of colours.

The durable decking requires minimal maintenance and can withstand years of heavy foot traffic and severe weather.

Choose a colour scheme: Today’s composites look more natural than ever before. Colour options range from deep earth tones and pristine greys to warm umbers, spicy reds and the look of tropical hardwoods.

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