Start of summer.

Deck Maintenance – Get Your Deck Ready For The Summer

Summer season will soon be here, and you will no doubt spend hours out on your deck just enjoying the weather. There is something so relaxing and incredible about lying on a recliner at sunset, with a mug of your favorite brew in your hand. Maybe you will invite your friends over for a couple of hours, or maybe you will simply enjoy a quiet time with yourself. One thing is for sure, a weathered and tired looking deck will certainly mar this experience for you.
Make sure that your deck is ready for the summer season as well. Cleaning up the deck and oiling up the timber is a great way to ensure that your deck lasts for a long time. Proper maintenance will also make it look good and increase durability. Well-oiled timber is also resistant to rain, and will ensure that your deck does not swell up and get discolored.

You can maintain your deck by yourself

Taking care of your deck may seem like a difficult task but can be surprisingly easy when you know what you are doing. All you need is some basic equipment’s and you can easily oil up the timber and handle your own timber deck maintenance.

Here is what you need for proper timber deck oiling:

1. Deck cleaner
2. Decking Oil, or Timber color
3. Sandpaper of varying coarseness
4. Turpentine oil for thorough cleaning
5. Lot of clean rags

Besides these materials, it is also recommended that you get yourself some protective latex gloves and the following tools for oiling a timber deck:

Safety Glasses
Paint brushes and paint tray for applying the oil or color
A small hammer to fix loose nails

Once you have the equipment, deck maintenance is simply a matter of some time and a little effort.

Prepare the timber oil or color in the paint tray.
First remove any furniture that you might have lying on the deck Clean up the general deck area with a broom
If you find any loose boards or nails while cleaning, fix them right now Apply the deck oil with a standard size brush
Make sure that you get all the edges and corners of the timber and do not miss any spots

This is all that it takes for proper timber deck maintenance. Most decks are commonly made from pine wood. Pine can last a long time and will easily ensure that your deck last over three decades with ease. However, as with any other wood, your pine deck will get weathered and even become splintered. Regular care will ensure that this does not happen. Oiling a timber deck is the easiest way to do so, and will also ensure that the wood does not get discolored.

Taking care of your deck is easy, but if you think you do not have the time for it, you can always call a professional timber deck maintenance service.



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