Live Life Outside- Millboard

Millboard Millboard. Live. Life. Outside

  • Crafted in the U.K. from real timbers for a beautiful, natural timber look.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free – No Oiling or Sealing required – Ever!
  • Non-porous and impervious to moisture. Perfect around pool areas!
  • Zero Plastic, Zero Wood fibres – Millboard is different!
  • Contains no natural sugars – cannot host mould or algae growth.
  • Hardwearing with the highest Anti-Slip resistance in the industry.
  • Scratch Resistant, UV Resistant, And Impact Resistant – Councils and Schools choose Millboard for its durability and safety. No Splinters ever.
  • All backed by the long 25Y Limited Residential Warranty.
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Enhanced Grain
Enhanced Grain
176mm x 32mm x 3600mm
Virtually Maintenance Free and crafted from real English Oak timbers. The Enhanced Grain style offers a modern and elegant look that matches well with any home. Perfect for around pools with it’s best-in-class slip resistance. Choose from 6 Stunning colours.
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Weathered Oak
200mm x 32mm x 3600mm
Made in the U.K. from real 100 year old wharf timbers this incredible realistic timber texture needs to be seen to be believed. Choose between the salt bleached ‘Driftwood’ style, earthy ‘Vintage’ sleeper look or Japanese shou sugi ban flame kissed ‘Emberred’ colour.
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Weathered Oak

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