Why Use Deck Protection Tape?

Why Use Deck Protection Tape?
Building a deck is an investment. Most decks are warranted to last about 25 years, but the timber substructure often starts to rot at about 8-10 years. You can prevent the joists and bearers from decaying by applying a butyl-based deck protection tape.

Why Use a Butyl Joist and Bearer Protection Tape?
The benefits of a butyl-based tape is that it protects the timber foundation from moisture for the life of the deck. Since an acrylic-based tape is not a sealant, it does not protect the timber from water that enters through a screw hole. Exposure to sunlight through the deck boards also degrades the acrylic adhesive.

Deck Protection Tape Comparison
There are different brands of deck protection tape available. The chart above provides a comparison between Trex Protect and an acrylic tape. Trex Protect is high quality and comes with a 20-year warranty from Trex – the World’s #1 decking brand.
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Easy Installation of Trex Protect
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Boost Your Profit with Trex RainEscape

Boost Your Profit with Trex RainEscape
One of the most common ways for a deck builder to make more money is to build more decks. To do that, you may need to hire additional workers and buy more tools that cut into the profits you make on the additional sales.

Instead, why not consider selling the homeowner on an upgrade that nets you more profit without hiring any additional employees? With Trex RainEscape, you can do just that.

What is Trex RainEscape?
Trex RainEscape is an under-deck drainage system that keeps rain, snowmelt and spills from dripping through the floorboards of a second-story deck. Using a network of troughs and gutters, Trex RainEscape moves water away from a deck and keeps the area below dry and useable.

Benefits to Homeowners

  • Creates a dry area beneath their deck
  • Shields the deck foundation from moisture penetration
  • Eliminates splitting from freeze and thaw
  • Maximizes their return on investment

Your Profits Can Almost Double
Consider this scenario for a 16’ x 22’ deck (325 square feet)

The Numbers Can Add Up
After adding Trex RainEscape to a second-story deck project, profits increased by almost 83%! Over the course of a year, that could really grow your company’s bottom line.
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