Benefits of Composite Decking

Stain Resistant


Barbeque grease and fat, red wine spills, coffee spills, dirty muddy footprints, dogs and cats, your average deck see’s more action than just about any other part of your home.  All these thrills and spills would spell disaster for other types of deck boards but composite decking takes all these in its stride. Simply wash off with a bit of soap and water and your composite Deck will look like new again.

Scratch Resistant

Scratch resistant composite decking perth

Fade Resistant

Fade Resistant composite decking perth Composite Decking has a patent pending surface coating which inhibits fading because of its UV stabaliser and antioxidant additives. Composite Decking has a SuperDurable High-Density Polyester Powder Coat which exceeds international standards for colour retention.

Termite Resistant

Termite Resistant Composite decking perthComposite Decking  is Termite resistant.

Composite Decking Material are made from high-density polyethylene mixture or full Aluminium construction , our deck boards are not on the menu for termite’s and white ants.



Made from Recycled Materials


One thought on “Benefits of Composite Decking

  1. It’s great that modwood is actually fade resistant! We live in a pretty sunny area, and it would be really sad to see a deck get sun bleached. It’s great that his product will keeps its color, even in the sun.

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