Burns Beach

Martin and Aileen wanted the Trex Transcend in the Spiced Rum under the Alfresco area.

It turned out fantastic and will bring them many relaxing weekends outside.


Martin Steel wanted to deck his front porch in a colour that look fitting for his house. They went with the Stone Grey colour in the Ultrashield Decking brand. The outcome is fantastic.

Martin and Jacki wanted a deck that they will not need to maintain and for their grandkids to play on knowing they won’t get splinters in them. They went with Trex Transcend in the Tiki Torch colour. Because the length is 5100mm we were able to use the maximum length of the 4.88m boards and finish it off with 2 boards acting as picture frames which is really getting your money worth on every last composite decking. This was a great project to work on and we did it in 2 days. We are so product of this deck and the client is very happy.

$9300.90 inc GST

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Leann and Steve wanted a deck that they will never need to maintain but to just enjoy. They loved the Trex Transcend brand and opted for the Spiced Rum Colour.

They were very happy with the result and the design we did.

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