This is a Client that wanted their old deck ripped up and replaced with NexGen Decking in the Grey Birch colour. They had 2 directions that the original boards were going which we did the same with the Nex Gen.

We had to reinforce the framework to cater for the new composite Decking boards.

At the end the client was over the moon with the result and now will enjoy many years of enjoyment on the deck.




This is a property we installed Nex Gen Decking in the Rosewood colour for a nice young couple who wanted a deck outside their bedroom.

We started  off with the framework and getting rid a bit of sand and soil to make sure we had enough clearance under the wood. Then we covered black sheets to prevent any weeds growing and then started installing the Nex Gen Rosewood boards. The good thing on this size is that there is no joints between the boards as the boards are 4.8m in length and the  width of this project was only 4.4m.

I am particularly proud of this project as the client is a trained engineer and reviewed my work with a microscope and I passed with flying colours.

To do the decking board with a supply and install of framework and Nex Gen decking boards plus the seating $6200 inc GST

We did more work for this client recently with a seat made out of the nex Gen decking boards:



This client recently had their decking done however the wood started to twist and nails started to protrude to the point where they did not allow their dogs to walk on it. We decided to go with the Nex Gen Decking Boards and the colour Rosewood which matched the look of the house.

We started with ripping up the existing decking but to only find out that the bearers were not spaced out correctly per the Australian Standard. So before installing the Nex gen boards we had to put 2 rows of bearers in place with cement. Once that was done we proceeded to install the Boards working our way from the garden area towards the house.

Now with the finish product our client is more than impressed with the work and their dogs love it as well. The hidden fixing system means no nails protrusion or screws. Another happy customer !

This job was valued at $9394.39 inc GST


This is a new house we are building a composite decking under their Alfresco around the back. We are putting a Trex Board down in the Gravel Path colour. We are reinforcing the framing as there will be a BBQ and Pizza oven going in the corner which will weigh over 400 kg.

This job to supply and install framework and Trex Decking boards – $11000 inc GST




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