Nex Gen Decking



Premium Capped Composite Decking

Our Premium Range of composite decking for when only the best will do.

Reversible by design, our Premium Capped Composite Decking features a different pattern on the top and bottom of each board, reducing waste and creating more interest and variety on the surface. Plus, each side is capped with patent-pending PermaTech surface technology for increased durability and enhanced stain and fade resistance.

There are four different grain patterns used with our Premium capped composite decking. The patterns are different on the front and back of the boards, giving each piece a more natural look. Both the grain patterns and the colour streaking repeat every 21 m.

Premium Capped Composite Decking is available in:

  • Rosewood and Ipe (pronounced ee-pay)
  • 3.66 metre lengths
  • 137mm wide x 24mm thick
  • Double sided boards

Our Premium Capped Composite Decking is backed by the following three warranties:

1. 25-year Residential Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot and structural damage from fungal decay

2. 25-year Residential Stain and Fade Limited Warranty

3. 10-year Commercial Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot and structural damage from fungal decay

• Never Warps, Never Rots and is Splinter Free

• No Oiling, No Sealing, No Sanding, No Work

• Superior Stain, Fade, Scratch and Mould Resistance

• Patent pending surface technology that outperforms all other decking

• Hidden fixing system for fast installation and blemish free surfaces

• Sustainable, made from recycled materials and waste free manufacturing


Colours & Detail

Nex Gen Decking back up our claims with the industry’s first 20-Year Stain, Fade and Performance Warranty.

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Fade Resistant

Fade Resistant composite decking perthNexGEN Composite Decking has a patent pending surface coating which inhibits fading because of its UV stabaliser and antioxidant additives. NexGEN Aluminium Decking has a SuperDurable High-Density Polyester Powder Coat which exceeds international standards for colour retention.

mould resistant composite deckingNexGEN Composite and Aluminium Decking is mould resistant.

Our patent pending non-porous surface technology sets the durability standard for outdoor decking with its unrivalled mould resistance.

Rich and fade resistant colours retain their beauty for years and years to come.

  • Never Warps, Rots and is Splinter Free
  • No Oiling, Sealing or Sanding
  • Fade, Scratch and Mould Resistance
  • Hidden fixing system
  • Fast installation, blemish free surfaces
  • Made from recycled materials

What is it made of?
NexGen Decking is crafted from 60% recovered hardwood fibre and 40% UV-stabilised high density polyethylene.

What are the advantages over traditional timber decking?
Long straight lengths, quick and easy installation, never warps, never rots, splinter free, no sanding, no painting, no sealing, no staining, long lasting, scratch resistant, termite resistant, with a 20 Year Warranty

What maintenance is required?
Virtually none, only occasional cleaning with soap and water or a pressure clean. During the summer time in Perth it will not fade so there is no oiling needed.

How do they compare to other composite decking?
Our composite decking products are the only ones on the market that solves the three problems composite decking customers complain most about: colour fade, staining, and mould/mildew. Each board has a non porous surface layer that is co-extruded into the wood fibre (golf ball cover technology). The nonporous cover is what sets our boards apart from all other composites. You can get a lot of Composite deck materials and different qualities. Buying composite decking is like choosing what car you want; you can get the Mercedes or a Daihatsu, they both get you where you want to go but it is the journey that is different. It is the same with Composite decking. Nex Gen is the Mercedes of Composite Decking.

Will the surface peel or wear off?
The surface will not peel off due to the fact that the surface layer is co-extruded into the wood fibre. Under normal conditions, the surface will last indefinitely. If exposed to high wear or abrasion, some wearing is possible. If any of the substrate becomes exposed, this is no cause for alarm because it contains the same UV stabilizers as the rest of the composition and is not affected.

How does the price compare to traditional timber decking

Our pricing is similar to a good quality hardwood such as Jarrah

I just want to buy the boards as  I will install it myself. Do you sell just the boards and fixings ?

We have sold just the boards and fixings to clients in the past due to either location issues for us to get there or they have already sourced their own builders. We only need measurements of the area and ask for a before and after shot of the decking for us to use.

What sort of warranty is there?

The Industry’s first 20 year Stain, Fade and Performance Warranty

How is it fixed?
Each board is pre-grooved on both sides to take a hidden fastener system. There may be some occassional screws on the outsides of the board however not as much as when installing a natural wood decking.


How does temperature affect the boards?
NexGen deck boards are sold all over the world where harsh freezing winters and boiling hot summers have put them to the test. The deep wood grain and thin profile combined with IR-reflective pigments help to keep the products cool underfoot even on hot summer days. So for our Perth summer there is no reason why Nex Gen will fade or twist in the blazing heat.

Are they slippery when wet?
No more slippery than normal timber

Can Nex Gen be installed on a steel frame ? 

There are fixings that are specifically for a steel frame so there is no issue on having Nex Gen installed.

Can I paint or stain the boards?

Only cut edges will respond properly to matching stains or quality oil based pai

What dimensions does it come in?
Ipe and Rosewood are both 137mm wide x 24mm thick DOUBLE SIDED reversible board

Cedar, Chestnut and Grey are 134mm wide x 24mm thick SINGLE SIDED boards
All colours are available in 4.9 metre (16 foot) lengths with natural wood grain patterns



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