Perma Decking

Stunning Looks. None of the Hassle.

Innovative and inspiring in design, PermaTimber® Composite Timber Decking provides all the beauty of natural timber without any of the associated maintenance. Made using 87% recycled materails it’s the eco-friendly choice for your next project.

What is it made of?

PermaTimber® is a special combination of 50% reclaimed hard woods, almost 40% recycled plastics and stabilising resins. In total PermaTimber® contains 87% recycled materials.

What colours are available?

PermaTimber® is avalible in Mykonos, Amalfi, Monaco and Maldives, with a range of custom colours avalible for large quanitity orders. Mykonos and Monaco offer a warm, natural apperance, while Amalfi and Maldives add a modern twist to a classic look.

Are there any colour variations between different production batches?

PermaTimber® contains natural timber elements. As you would be aware, timber has different natural appearances and to ensure PermaTimber® does indeed look like timber, it may also experience similar variations in colour, tone, and grain.

As a result of this Perma Composites® may have natural variations in each decking board, cladding, screening and bespoke profile and in some instances a slight difference between samples and final colour.

The customer / installer is responsible for inspecting each decking board, cladding, screening and bespoke profile for colour, finish, size and other issues prior to installation

Are Colours Consistent?

Other composite timber products use a hard shell bonded to soft, multi-coloured core. PermaTimber® is consistent in its make-up throughout the depth of the product, meaning the colour remains consistent throughout. The advantage of this is that it allows for scratches to be easily sanded out.

Are the products consistent in size?

PermaTimber® is made to exacting standards. Each length of Decking, Cladding, Screening and Quickboard is straight, uniform and consistent. Natural timber is normally supplied in a variety of lengths, making it more difficult to design and plan your project. You can be assured every piece of PermaTimber® will be the same length, width and colour, simplifying design and installation.

How much does it cost?

The lifetime cost of PermaTimber® can be significantly less than natural timber. Without ever needing to buy oils or stains, nor a tradesperson to apply them, the difference can be significant. The width and strength of PermaTimber® Decking can also allow for sub-frame savings, as fewer materials are required to achieve the desired result.

What’s it like to work with?

PermaTimber® can be cut, sanded and joined just like natural timber. While expansion needs to be catered for (see below), if you’ve worked with natural wood you can work with PermaTimber®. Standard woodworking tools can be used with PermaTimber®. For installation guides, please click here.

Will it fade?

The biggest flaw with natural timber is the rate at which it deteriorates. Timber will appear grey and cracked within months of installation if not properly maintained.

PermaTimber® may lighten slightly on exposure, but will stabilise and maintain its colour from that point on, for upwards of 50 years.

Due to the natural timber elements present, PermaTimber® products contain tannins. When new there may be some residual tannins in the wood flour component that appear on the product. The tannins may leach out the first few times that product gets wet and may appear as a water stain after the board has dried. The tannins can be removed by washing with water if required otherwise these will start to disappear after the boards have been exposed to water and dried off several times. You can speed up the process of releasing tannins by hosing down the product.

Do I need special hardware?

No! While the shape of the screw required for each product may vary (see installation guides), any hardware suitable for timber can be used. Perma Composites® does recommend using stainless steel fixings however; otherwise the product will far outlast the hardware!

Does it get hot?

Any material will become warm to the touch in the middle of an Australian summer. PermaTimber® will heat up at a similar rate to natural timber; ie. hotter than grass, but not as hot as paving, metal or concrete.

PermaTimber® is fire resistant, and does not melt when heated.

Can it be scratched?

PermaTimber® can be scratched, in the same manner as natural timber, however unlike other composites on the market, scratches in the surface of PermaTimber® can be sanded away.

Does it expand?

PermaTimber® will expand and contract slightly with changes in atmospheric temperatures. Provided correct installation procedures have been followed, this does not present any problems. Please see installation instructions here.

I want to paint it. Is that OK?

PermaTimber® can be painted, however the paint will not last anywhere near as long as the product so, depending on the type of paint, will need to be regularly re-painted.

How do I clean stains?

Stains that are not removed in a timely manner may linger on the surface of PermaTimber®. The good news is, most stains can be avoided by washing with water shortly after they occur.

Stains or marks may even disappear just by exposure to rain after a few weeks. Extra stubborn marks can be removed with a pressure washer or a light sand if necessary.

You can view our care guide here.

Does it get mouldy?

PermaTimber® is resistant to mould, however one must allow for sufficient clearance under a deck and also the correct slope to ensure water and moisture is not allowed to sit on the surface. The surfaces must also be free from drainpipes emptying out directly onto the surface.

To ensure an authentic timber appearance, PermaTimber® containes wood fibres. Mould and mildew can grow on PermaTimber® if not stored correctly and when exposed to high moisture and/or sweats under the plastic packaging. Failure to keep packs dry when stored can lead to mould spores appearing and growing on the product. Product must be thoroughly washed, cleaned and scrubbed removing all mould and mould spores. A product called ‘Wet & Forget’ works very well in this situation, for further information visit


Do I Need to Oil/Stain PermaTimber®?

It is not necessary to oil or stain PermaTimber®, saving you thousands over the lifetime of the product.

It is possible to stain PermaTimber® if you so choose, however the stain is likely to fade and deteriorate many years before the product does.

Can it be used around pools and spas?

Absolutely. PermaTimber® does not absorb water and has been used extensively near pools, spas and in marine environments around the world.

How thick is PermaTimber® Decking?

Each board is manufactured to our exacting specifications: PermaTimber® 146mm=22mm thick, PermaTimber™ 225mm=30mm thick, PermaTimber™ 295mm=23mm thick.

What lengths is PermaTimber® Decking sold in?

PermaTimber® Decking is sold in standard 5.4m lenths, but custom lengths are available upon request for quantities of 300m2 and above.


Is PermaTimber® slippery when wet?

No, thanks to its machined textural finish, PermaTimber® is slip resistant.

Will PermaTimber® last longer than traditional pressure treated timber?

With recommended cleaning, PermaTimber® will provide years of enjoyment in comparison to pressure treated timber which is subject to rot and deterioration after a few years.


How strong is PermaTimber®?

PermaTimber® has been designed and engineered to meet the most stringent demands. Contact our team if you have a unique application and we will advise of the suitability.


Is PermaTimber®suitable for salt corrosive areas?

Absolutely! For homes on or near the ocean, PermaTimber® is the ideal solution.

Are there any special tools required to install PermaTimber® products?

No, standard woodworking tools are all that are necessary.

Is PermaTimber™®fire resistant?

Yes, PermaTimber® is fire resistant.

Is upkeep of PermaTimber® simple?

It couldn’t be any easier! You will simply need to clean PermaTimber® products with warm soapy water when required.

Can PermaTimber® be used for framing?

No, PermaTimber® was never engineered to be a load bearing or structural member.

What kind of fasteners should be used with PermaTimber®Decking?

Only approved PermaTimber® fixings can be used.

Should I waterproof the building when installing PermaTimber® Cladding?

Provisions for adequate drainage and ventilation must be made along with the installation of a waterproof membrane / system prior to the PermaTimber® Cladding being installed.