Right Wood

Rightwood Armadillo Composite Decking (formerly Tropical Decking) is manufactured in USA. It is made from a 24mm thick wood composite core made from 50% recycled timber fibres and 50% polyethylene that is totally encased on all sides with a highly durable skin made from the same incredibly hard plastic as golf balls.


Offering rich dark colours just like brand new freshly oiled timber Rightwood Armadillo Composite Decking is almost totally impervious to staining making it ideal for food service areas such as BBQ decks, restaurants, hotels and mine camp cafeterias where frequent spillages are likely to occur.

Rightwood Armadillo Composite Decking will not split, splinter, bow, cup, warp or rot and it only needs periodic cleaning to maintain its beautiful apperance with no oiling, painting or staining ever. It spans 450mm between joists and is supplied in all long lengths for less wastage and less butt joints.


– Made in USA for the best quality
– Proven performance including in the harsh climate of north-west WA
– Cap-stock finish for excellent stain and fade resistance
– Low maintenance – no oiling, painting or sealing ever!
– All long lengths (5.4m)
– Secret-fixing system
– 450mm span between joists
– Beautiful dark rich colours just like freshly oiled timber
– Very high UV resistance
– Cost-effective and much lower life-cycle cost


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