NexGEN Composite Decking Sustainability Information

Made from Recycled Materials

NexGen products consist of 74% recycled and 8% reclaimed content

NexGen products are made from recycled, high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

HDPE has higher tensile strength for denser, durable products that also withstand higher temperatures better than lighter weight LDPE. Used with HDPE, hardwood flour is acquired from scrap timber sourced from the building and furniture industry. HDPE encapsulates the wood to resist harsh weather, splintering and decay.

Produced in an Energy Efficient, Virtually Waste-Free Manufacturing Process

The use of a closed loop water cooling systems allows for zero water discharge and 98.5% of all material waste is recovered from the manufacturing processes.

Contributes to High Performance Green Buildings

Contributes to high performance green buildings and points for recycled content. Designed for easier installation—40% fewer screws reduce installation time 30%

Safe for Your Home and for the Environment

Urea formaldehyde-free; No toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing of NexGen products.Products do not splinter; protecting workers and users from potential injuries. Products are recyclable after their useful life. Sustainable—Durable Performance Year after Year

NexGen products deliver long-term performance that requires no chemical preservatives, paint or stains that are common for wood decks, railing and fencing

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